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jackson holding yard

a holding yard in jackson california.  from the east of the sierras to the west, from nevada into california, hwy 88 changes so much.  desert, then granite boulders, high mountain meadows and snow, then on into thick, lush forests of western yellow pine and madrone.  as you drop down out of the sierras you pass through jackson.  this time of year it's home to bright green pastures, lazily grazing cattle and live oak trees with their broad empty canopies.  the bee keepers have two holding yards here, about an hour and a half from where they stay at night.  but the elevation is higher in jackson and as a result the bees get more fly time during the day, which means more food and water for the hives and ultimately, healthier hives.  down south in ripon california where the bee keepers park their rv you may often find yourself in thick fog well into the middle of the day.  jackson on the other hand, being a bit higher is above the fog, five to seven degrees warmer and sunnier.    

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