about me

About me

i'm self taught.  i shoot digital.  i like to look at people.  i shoot street candids for the opportunity for instant intimacy.  fleeting expressions.  human faces looking the way people do when no one is watching.  thoughtful, vulnerable, real.  i find it a real challenge to get good images of strangers up close and on the fly.  i miss a lot of the time.  i constantly mutter to myself as i'm out shooting-get in, get out.  but get your shot.  i think that if i'm going to invade people's privacy in this way that it's crucial i come away with something good.  i have almost nothing to give these subjects that i have decided to take from.  i give myself permission to photograph strangers so long as i'm endeavoring to do good work.  anything short of that would be selfish and lazy.  and so i'm constantly trying to improve on my street photography as a craft.  these photos are less about story telling and more an exploration of suggestion.  using framing, depth, choice of subject and the interplay between light and dark i'm offering suggestions of truth about people.  photographer richard avedon said of truth, "there is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph.  all photographs are accurate.  none of them is truth".